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Welcome to DLR for Grownups. Includes when to go; saving moneywhat to bring; where (and what) to eat; where to stay & fun things to do while visiting Disneyland, Disney's California Adventure and Downtown Disney...without the kids.

°o°   Disneyland Resort without the kids? Of course!

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I'll give you some of the best secret information about unique Disneyland and California Adventure experiences that most people don't know about and information so you can maximize your time at the Happiest Place on Earth.

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What to do on a really crowded day at disneyland....


Have you ever been to Disneyland on a really super-crowded day? Me too. It can be dreadful... unless you have a plan. Here are some strategies for improving your visit on those days. Read More 


Disneyland tickets for $50 per day!

Last few days to get this deal.  If you live in Southern California (or parts of Baja California), you can buy a three-day admission ticket (one park per day) for $149. Or a  3-day Park Hopper ticket for $189. NOTE: The 3-day Southern California Resident tickets must be purchased by May 22, 2017. Tickets expire after May 25, 2017. Read more...


cruise with disney and dlr for grownups

More saving money advice: how to vacation on a Disney Cruise at a lower price per day than you thought was possible. Read more... 


Smart phone smarts at DLR

I know you know how to use your cell phone. However, using it at DLR is definitely different. For example, the battery seems to run out before the end of your Parks day. How to deal with that? And how can you use your phone to maximize your day at the Parks? This post covers these topics and others...Read more


WOW! A Sale on DLR Annual Passes!

Don't miss this one! You'll get 13 months of Disneyland (and California Adventure) fun when you renew your Annual Pass within 40 days of its expiration and before November 17, 2017.  Note: this deal only applies to some Annual Passes.   Read more...


WHERE TO sTAY: Review of Grand Legacy at the Park

Grand Legacy at the Park pool area. (photo credit: Grand Legacy website)

Grand Legacy at the Park pool area. (photo credit: Grand Legacy website)

This hotel is really close to the Disneyland Resort and it's my favorite. Literally a 7 minute walk from the hotel to the Disneyland entrance. It's on the east side of the Disneyland Resort DLR, on Harbor Boulevard near the DLR Transportation Hub.  Read more... 



Here are 10 really cool things to do at Disneyland and California Adventure. Some will help you maximize your time (that is, ride more rides, avoid long lines, etc.); others are unique and not in any of the guidebooks (or not explained very well in the guidebooks). Impress your friends and relatives by riding in a private compartment on the Monorail! Get a map of a classic Disneyland ride! Read more...


If you haven’t been to Disneyland Resort (DLR) since it expanded from Disneyland to Disneyland Resort (in 2001), you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much better the food has become. Disneyland (DL) and Disney’s California Adventure (DCA) both have a much wider variety of food choices and better tasting food than in the past, especially as compared to “typical” amusement park food. Read more.... 


I'm not sure about you, but my metabolism seems to get slower every year.  Meaning: I can't eat all those yummy goodies at Disneyland and California Adventure. They taste better at the parks, right?  This post includes some basic information about how to eat healthier at Disneyland Resort. Read more.....


World of Color Dessert party



I think I've finally come down from the wonderful World of Color dessert party (and it was months ago!). Here's the info on how you can enjoy this decadent event for less.  (more)


Also known as The DLR Ten Essentials. Read more


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SAving money at the parks

Yes, you can have a magical day at Disneyland Resort without blowing your whole paycheck. Here's one way.

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