All photography by Linda Windsor (unless noted otherwise)

In 1955...

While sitting on a park bench watching his young daughters having fun riding the Griffith Park (Los Angeles, California) carousel (see it here), Walt Disney wondered why no theme parks existed for entire families to enjoy.  He eventually raised the money to build Disneyland, and (since opening in 1955) it has become way more successful than anyone (especially Walt) ever imagined.  You can see the actual park bench--where he had the first ideas about Disneyland--in the Opera House at Disneyland. Read more about the history of Disneyland here and here.

My friends who are parents feel a sense of freedom when they visit Disneyland Resort without their kids. Those of us without children can't quite understand this feeling (unless you've been to DLR with friends and their children...and without their children).

And then there's the "screaming child" effect.  Don't get me wrong. I like kids and have fun talking and playing with them. . . except when they scream, whine, cry loudly, run away in the Parks, play with the magnetic chain connector outside Toy Story Midway Mania (you know this one, right?) and generally make life miserable for everyone around them. Casey at (her website focuses on families visiting DLR) has the right attitude on how to deal with "melt-downs," and more parents have been adopting her strategies. See #4 on this page. She brings her children to the parks, and provides DLR park information to her many readers with children.

The intent of this web site is to help you have a great time at Disneyland, especially doing things and eating at places that you wouldn't if you brought kids. And also ideas how not to "get stuck" next to a whole pod of little kids. 

Thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to add your strategies in the Comment sections.